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Jesus Chicago will spend our gathering times praying for ALL 50 wards in Chicago using a 3 Fold Cord Strategy. We need volunteers: If interested sign up for one (or more) of the following dates and CLICK THE SIGNUP LINK (below).

Tuesday September 20, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
13th Ward Alderman's Office
6500 S Pulaski, Chicago, IL Get Directions
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This event has ended.

STARTING MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12TH, Jesus Chicago will spend our gathering times (7pm daily, 5am M,W,F) praying for ALL 50 wards in Chicago using a 3 Fold Cord Strategy.

How does it work?

  1. People are asked to go to an Alderman's office (see list of locations, times and dates below), lay hands on the building/grounds, and loose the LIFE, LIGHT, AND LOVE OF GOD over the entire ward (while also praying whatever else God is giving them).
  2. At the same time that people are praying at the Alderman's office, others are asked to go to City Hall (121 N. Lasalle), lay hands on the building/grounds and loose the LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE OF GOD over the city (while also praying whatever else God is giving them).
  3. At the same time that people are at the Alderman's office and City Hall, others are invited to be at the TENT (911 w. 50th Place) loosing the LIFE, LIGHT, AND LOVE OF GOD over the city.

We will pray at all 3 locations SIMULTANEOUSLY. There is NO TIME LIMIT for prayer at these locations. We only ask that you pray the strategy (LIFE, LIGHT, AND THE LOVE OF GOD) coupled with whatever else God is giving you. Once prayer is finished at City Hall and the Alderman's office, you are invited to join the worship and intercession at the Tent, this is an invitation not requirement.

We need volunteers to sign up for one (or more) of the following dates ASAP. You have the option to allow us to partner with you at the Tent, City Hall, or the Alderman's ward office as assigned by date and time (see signup list for schedule). If interested CLICK THE SIGNUP LINK BELOW. If you have questions or want to comment, either drop a comment on this post, inbox us, or get in touch with one of the team members. We want to see sustainable transformation for this city. Unity in prayer is the key. https://calendly.com/jesuschicago-prayer


“...A rope made from three strands of cord is hard to break.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 (CEV)

“...for nothing can hinder the LORD. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!” 1 Samuel 14:6 (NLT) 



1st Ward - MON. SEP 12. 5AM
Alderperson Daniel La Spata
1958 N Milwaukee Avenue

2nd Ward - MON. SEP 12. 7PM
Alderperson Brian Hopkins
1400 N. Ashland

3rd Ward - TUE. SEP 13. 7PM
Alderperson Pat Dowell
5046 S. State St.

4th Ward - WED. SEP 14. 5AM
Alderperson Sophia King
435 E. 35th Street

5th Ward - WED. SEP 14. 7PM
Alderperson Leslie Hairston
2325 East 71st Street

6th Ward - THU. SEP 15. 7PM
Alderperson Roderick T. Sawyer
700 E. 79th Street

7th Ward - FRI. SEP 16. 5AM
Alderperson Gregory Mitchell
2249 E 95th St

8th Ward - FRI. SEP 16. 7PM
Alderperson Michelle A. Harris
8539 South Cottage Grove Avenue

9th Ward - SAT. SEP 17. 7PM
Alderman Anthony Beale
34 East 112th Place

10th Ward -SUN. SEP 18. 7PM
Alderperson Susan Sadlowski Garza
10500 S. Ewing Avenue

11th Ward - MON. SEP 19. 5AM
Alderperson Nicole Lee

12th Ward - MON. SEP 19. 7PM
Alderperson George A. Cardenas
3476 S. Archer

13th Ward - TUE. SEP 20. 7PM
Alderperson Marty Quinn
6500 S. Pulaski Rd.

14th Ward - WED. SEP 21. 5AM
Alderperson Edward M. Burke
2650 W 51ST ST

15th Ward
Alderperson Raymond A. Lopez
6412 S Ashland Avenue - WED. SEP 21. 7PM
4286 S. ARCHER AVE- THU. SEP 22. 7PM

16th Ward - FRI. SEP 23. 5AM
Alderperson Stephanie D. Coleman
1137 W. 63rd Street

17th Ward - FRI. SEP 23. 7PM 
Alderperson David H. Moore 
1344 W. 79th Street 

18th Ward - SAT. SEP 24, 7PM
Alderperson Derrick G. Curtis
8359 S. Pulaski Rd.

19th Ward- SUN. SEP 25. 7PM
Alderperson Matthew O'Shea
10400 s. Western Avenue

20th Ward - MON. SEP 26. 5AM
Alderperson Jeanette B. Taylor
5707 s. Wentworth

21st Ward -MON. SEP 26. 7PM
Alderperson Howard B Brookins, Jr.
9011 S. Ashland, Unit B

22nd Ward -TUE. SEP 27. 7PM
Alderperson Michael D. Rodriguez
2500 S. St. Louis St.

23rd Ward - WED. SEP 28. 5AM
Alderperson Silvana Tabares
6247 S. Archer Ave.

24th Ward -WED. SEP 28. 7PM
Alderperson Monique Scott
1158 S. Keeler Ave

25th Ward -THU. SEP 29. 7PM
Alderperson Byron Sigcho-Lopez
2100 W Cermak Rd

26th Ward - FRI. SEP 30. 5AM
Alderperson Roberto Maldonado
2511 W. Division St.

27th Ward - FRI. SEP 30. 7PM
Alderperson Walter Burnett, Jr.
4 N. Western Ave, Unit 1C

28th Ward - SAT. OCT 1. 7PM
Alderperson Jason Ervin
2622 W. Jackson Blvd, 2nd Floor

29th Ward - SUN. OCT 2. 7PM
Alderperson Chris Taliaferro
6272 W. North Ave.

30th Ward - MON. OCT 3. 5AM
Alderperson Ariel E. Reboyras
3559 N. Milwaukee Ave.

31st Ward - MON. OCT 3. 7PM
Alderperson Felix Cardona, Jr.
4606 W. Diversey Ave

32nd Ward - TUE. OCT 4. 7PM
Alderperson Scott Waguespack
2657 N. Clybourn

33rd Ward - WED. OCT 5. 5AM
Alderperson Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez
3001 W. Irving Park Road

34th Ward -WED. OCT 5. 7PM
Alderperson Carrie M. Austin
507 W. 111th St.

35th Ward - THU. OCT 6. 7PM
Alderperson Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
2934 N. Milwaukee Ave, Unit C

36th Ward - FRI. OCT 7. 5AM
Alderperson Gilbert Villegas
6560 N. Fullerton Ave.
#C118 Suite A (Bricktown Square Shopping Center)

37th Ward - FRI. OCT 7. 7PM
Alderperson Emma Mitts
4924 W. Chicago Ave.

38th Ward - SAT. OCT 8. 7PM
Alderperson Nicholas Sposato
3821 N. Harlem Ave.

39th Ward - SUN, OCT 9. 7PM
Alderperson Samantha "Sam" Nugent
4200 West Lawrence Avenue

40th Ward - MON. OCT 10. 5AM
Alderperson Andre Vasquez
5620 N. Western Ave.

41st Ward - MON. OCT 10. 7PM
Alderperson Anthony V. Napolitano
7442 N. Harlem Ave.

42nd Ward - TUE. OCT 11. 7PM
Alderperson Brendan Reilly
Madison and State (???)

43rd Ward - WED. OCT 12. 5AM
Alderperson Michele Smith
2523 N. Halsted St.

44th Ward - WED. OCT 12 7PM
Alderperson Thomas Tunney
3223 North Sheffield Ave.

45th Ward - THU. OCT 13. 7PM
Alderperson James "Jim" Gardiner
5425 W. Lawrence Ave.

46th Ward - FRI. OCT 14. 5AM
Alderperson James Cappleman
4544 N. Broadway

47th Ward - FRI. OCT 14. 7PM
Alderperson Matt Martin
4243 N. Lincoln Ave.

48th Ward - SAT. OCT 15. 7PM
Alderperson Harry Osterman
5533 N. Broadway Ave.

49th Ward - SUN. OCT 16. 7PM
Alderperson Maria Hadden
1447 W. Morse Ave.

50th Ward - MON. OCT. 17 5AM
Alderperson Debra Silverstein
2949 W. Devon Ave.

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